The camera zooms into the womans face in a diagonal direction showing some signs of a female member of the cast. The music becomes extremely loud when the camera has reached it’s position. The music is very haunting and a repeating pattern, it is orchestral and non-diagetic. The camera pans up to the woman’s eyes who looks right and then left. The camera then pans into her left eye pausing to reveal a director’s title. The titles are white and the outlines of the letters, the center’s are missing which fits with the mysteriousness of it. The eye is filtered red and widens to a particularly loud part in the music as though trying to convey a sense of fear. It gives off a good sense of what the movie will be like. The word vertigo appears in a zoom out from the center of the eye, knowing the meaning of the word vertigo the opening titles give off a dizzying feeling to link in with the title. The title flies up off the screen and a spiral appears in the middle of the eye, the music reacts exactly with the actions onscreen. The eye fades and the spiral is left, it is replaced by another of a blue colour giving a dizzying effect. There is a spinning purple circle, the visuals are all very nauseating so that the audience experiences the same kind of feeling as the character and becomes empathetic of them. There are more spirals of different colours that slowly zoom in spinning as though the audience is dizzy and the spirals moving gives an experience of the movement of vertigo. The eye returns and the spirals receed to the eye, the title fades to black.

The function of this opening sequence is to introduce the movie to the viewer and set the pace for the rest of the movie. It has to set the mood for the rest of the movie and introduce characters.