The Driver

sound: soundtrack is used when she enters the cab to add an eery effect as it doesnt look like an ordinary taxi, voices are at a low tone making it seem like an awkward moment in the taxi adding the eery and thriller effect.

Lighting: The is a red lighting used to show its evening and that you cant see their faces well as the red doesnt give out any full light to show all their face and creates shadows.

camerawork: different shots that are used over to show the different times on the journey, one over the drivers shoulder and then one outside the car, making it seem like a long journey and it looks like he is taking her somewhere eles.

Editing:shot reverse shot when she gets scared where they end up somewhere else jumps to when  he says its fine it jumps back to where she is looking around not sure about the driver.

Level 2/3 as the lighing out side is good but the lighting used to show different cars hadnt moved to indercate that the car hasnt really moved and doesnt seem effective but the red lighting used very effective to get the dark and thriller feel to it.