This opening is my favourite of the two I looked at, the editing is very well done and the shots are very professional. The beginning has mainly titles and photos edited together to seem like there is static between them. All the images are from google images and other internet sites according to the annotations on the video. There is a pan shot that takes in a dead body under a white sheet interrupted a few times by a cut in of some images edited together, the sound is quite unsettling and creates a nervous atmosphere around the environment it is set. The text often changes focus to what looks like either spider webs or broken glass.The very name Pathogen tells us it will be to do with science and the related images (contamination posters and viruses) further enhance this. According to the annotations this was done in after effects as well as photoshop. There is a video of blood moving edited over the images which is very realistic. There is another pan of bodies lying across the ground and a curtain waving in the breeze, the stillness is very unsettling. There is quite a few cut ins of images enhanced by sounds that are like static. There is a pan downwards to bodies lying in a hallway. There is a quick pan of a room moving like it’s electric and the title appears switching from pathogen to death at one point. The only criticism I have is that there was little variation with shot types, the editing, sound and mise-en-scene were all professional and realistic.

I would give this a level three because of how well the video was done, the only problem was not many shots resulting in little variation.