In the opening a close up is enhanced by another close up to emphasise the blood spilling into the sink. The title of the opening is well edited but it is too fast for the audience to see properly. Another shot of blood shows the blood being washed down the sink showing continuity between the two shots and the title. Blood is a symbol used often in the Thriller genre. After the blood there is another close up of an eye closing and a voice anouncing her name is Lucy. We get from this that the protagonist is female and as she is addressing the audience directly that she is the narrative voice. The voice is diagetic to the images as she is clearly the one talking about her own life. There is background music that enhances the voice and makes it very unnerving. The eye follows other close ups so for the first part there isn’t much shot variation until the next shot which is a long shot of Lucy walking. There is a close up of her hands which is replaced by another close up from a different angle with her hands now holding a chain. The voice narrates throughout the clip. There is a shot of her strangling a girl which is once again replaced by another shot from a different angle, there is a good use of jump cuts. There is a sped up shot of Lucy writing what appears to be a diary entry on a piece of paper which cuts to her washing a knife clean of blood, although there is a lack of continuity throughout this links back to the beginning. There is a flicking book and another close up followed by another close up of words. The continued series of close ups highlight words to do with murder. There is a close up of what appears to be a weapon and an over the shoulder of her sitting on a bench. There is an extreme long shot of people playing sport. Another close up is followed by a long shot of her sitting down and then the screen of a computer. There is another shot of her reading a book which provides continuity with the previous shots of pages and words. After another shot of the page there is a close up of blood on the ground and an empty bench hinting to the audience she is responsible. The narrator has told us she thinks she is a killer and the shots cause us to believe this. Another shot of flicking pages has white captioned names over it. The eye shot returns this time opening suggesting she is unaware of this other side, she also points this out in the narration. Some of the dialogue could have been improved. There is a sound effect of a phone ringing and the shot follows her hand to the phone and back up again, there is not much camera movement perhaps because they are showing us her normal life before it is messed up by the plot and everything is still and calm. She has a conversation before the shot moves to her hand where there is a post it note saying ‘I killed Sean.’ This is enhanced by music to emphasise the drama. The sequence ends with her asking her friend if she has heard from Sean.

I would give this a level 3, mainly because there was little shot differentiation as it was mostly close ups. The material of the shots was appropriate to it’s genre and the sound, images and editing were appropriate, the only problem was the title moving off too fast with little attention drawn to it. There was a company logo with a good sound effect. There is very few transitions though and the mise-en-scene was good.