We decided Schizophrenia would be an interesting topic. Symptoms include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoid or bizarre delusions
  • Disorganised speech and thinking
  • Social or occupational dysfunction
  • Depression
  • Decreased life expectancy

Found at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schizophrenia

Ideas for development:

  • We are using a female lead to try and defy some conventions of thriller.
  • She will have been made to take pills for Schizophrenia and becomes paranoid. They think they’ll overdose, chase scene through the (location) (POV Shots, Handheld)
  • Joins forces with alter ego to escape from (location) (Close ups medical supplies)
  • Record voice separately, echoey (own self voice)
  • Anti-psychotics are pills (pill bottle prop)
  • Confined Space Possible Scene
  • Clothes: White/Yellow Shirt (possible), straightjacket
  • Over hears two doctor talking, only see silhouettes, becomes paranoid
  • Slightly hallucinatory e.g. opens door ends up outside
  • Doesn’t remember how she got there
  • Look down at hands covered in blood
  • Wall/Note writing all jumbled up
  • Make audience wonder if they’re really crazy
  • Shadowy figure opens door
  • Look in a mirror, sees self – Steps out of the mirror?
  • Two people in the same shot, twist end of scene
  • Corridor trombone shot – Alfred Hitchcock
  • anti-psychotic written on arm, writing jumbled up all over arms800px-Cloth_embroidered_by_a_schizophrenia_sufferer.jpg.scaled1000

This student thriller is relevant to ours as it has a similar theme of breaking out of somewhere. We can use similar aspects but different story-line.

Possible Titles:

  • anti-Psychotic
  • Hallucinatory
  • Jumbled


  • Not too much dialogue
  • Is like Bourne e.g. Bourne Identity
  • Heighten brightness to look like a hospital
  • Shots of lights
  • Lots of editing e.g. jump cuts
  • Age appropriate actors