This is the opening titles for Panic Room.

Font – Serious font, 3D,same colour as the building.

Size – Large in contrast with the building.

Style – Famous landscape, light reflects off, can’t read all names creates aura of mystery.

Movement – Text is static, camera pans.

Position – Like fixed to buildings, straight edged.

This is the opening title sequence for Six Feet Under.

Font – Stylised, simple.

Size – Small compared to screen contrast, title of person is smaller.

Style – Flows with the sequence e.g. moving down with syringe, colour changes on different colour background.

Movement – Follows camera, moves down with the syringe.

Position – On different objects and moving with objects e.g. on gravestone.

This is the opening for Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Font – Steel like, curvy, R is styled to look like game title.

Size – Medium size, smaller for title e.g. ‘director’.

Style – Shaped like video game text, horror like text.

Movement – Still as camera pans over city.

Position – Text is sometimes overlaid by shot e.g. disappears behind umbrella.


This is the opening from Se7en, it is very effective and is most like what we want to do.

Font – Scratchy, white to stand out.

Size – Small, word size compared to background.

Style – As though it was written, floats over images.

Movement – Moves as though vibrating.

Position – All over the screen.