Name: Abbie

Bio: Abbie has schizophrenia which causes her to become suspicious of her doctors. She has lost her memory and thinks they are giving her the pills to erase her memories. She overhears them talking and decides to escape, soon a shadowy figure appears to her and helps her to escape but as she finds her way out she discovers she is hallucinating. Finally she makes her way into a room where it turns out the shadowy figure has a been a voice in her head all along. Or has she? The figure steps into the room with her.

Name: `The Other`

Bio: The other is the other side of Abbie’s personality. She speaks very little if at all and taunts her from the shadows. She is the darker version of Abbie and a constant presence in her mind.


Katy Eason

She is suitable for this as she is the right age for the part. She is also our director. She also is doing Drama which will help with our project.