All of these films feature Schizophrenia and have some non-linear continuity in them.

Shutter Island:

Shutter Island features a man trying to find out what is happening at an asylum but finding out more about himself along the way. Themes of identity are key and it ends leaving the viewer wondering whether he really is a patient or not. We want to use the same kind of confusion about identity as in this movie.

Sucker Punch:

Sucker Punch features Schizophrenia not as noticeably as Shutter Island but the way the narrative is constructed is very interesting. It’s main theme seems to be dreams as the way the narrative cuts off is very similar to a dream.

Donnie Darko:

Donnie Darko features Schizophrenia as one possible explanation for the events that take place in the movie, our sequence will have Schizophrenia as the explanation and there won’t be any other explanations.

Black Swan:

Black Swan features Schizophrenia quite heavily as Nina loses herself and becomes the black swan. She isn’t as aware of it as in our sequence where Abbie is confronted by her other self.


Schizophrenia appears in Mirrors as something to fear, the reason for the disruption of equilibrium is a girl who was supposedly Schizophrenic but actually possessed by a demon.


In the movie identity Schizophrenia is represented as the delusions of a criminal. In our sequence I want Schizophrenia to be threatening but not murderous.

Another relevant movie is Alice In Wonderland because of the mind warping visuals and theme of nothing making sense: