• Morgan Freeman puts the book and his glasses down late at night showing that he is lonely and may have something to worry about and cannot sleep.
  • As he starts off the Metronome the apartment turns even quieter as the sound of the clicking is then amplified to concentrate on the noise and not the background noises of the neighbours TV and noises from the street. However the background noises are still loud, they lowly get drowned out until it is just the clicked and then the title music kicks in loudly to show tension
  • All the props used in the titles are associated with the seven deadly sins which is the theme of the movie.


  •  The costume Morgan Freeman wears is not too significant to the rest of the film. He is wearing a white t-shirt in bed and that is all you can really see.

Lighting and Colour

  •  The lighting in the opening is dark and shadow-y and is there to remind of us a film noir type movie. At some points during the titles the lighting can be brighter than the rest to show some obscurity.


  •  At the beginning, Morgan Freeman is sat in his apartment in his bed. There is nobody around him showing that he is a lonely secluded person.


  • Morgan Freeman is made to look really lonely as he has no wife or family. However Brad Pitt, at the end of the sequence is with his wife in bed.