1, 2, 3, 4: Close up pan of papers.

5: Mid shot, panning right of Abbie on bed.

6: Close up of arm zoom in slowly turning right.

7: Black screen, sound of lock picking.

8: Close up of lock being picked with noise of this.

9: Close up on shoulder with tapping finger.

10: Mid shot of Abbie turning around with music spike.

11: Canted angle / Mid shot of Abbie looking at mirror but not visible reflection.

12: Mid shot of Abbie with confusion on her face moving forward.

13: Long / Mid shot of Abbie thudding against the wall with shock over her face.

14: Long shot of conversation: See script.

15: Close up of Abbie: “Go away!”

16: Close up of Abbie opening door.

17: Long shot / Trombone shot in hallway.

18: Mid shot / Handheld running to exit.

19: Reaction shot of Abbie seeing exit.

20: Mid shot of wall and Abbie hitting it.