When we first uploaded all our footage we knew there was a problem due to a scene which involved layering. As soon as we noticed the problem we went out and filmed again. When we were all satisfied with the footage we all went to do the sound, editing and the editing of the footage. However there was a problem with the sound. I had created the sound on garage band and saved it but when I returned to place it onto Final Cut the sound was not there so I had to recreate the sound but this did help us out a little bit as I had managed to improve it and get more sound done. There was a problem with the jobs we did as a group as one person edited sound and one person edited the footage we had the last person in the group move around and gave input to the process which didn’t seem a problem but it meant they didn’t seem to be doing much. However they did input with photography by editing the poster for our thriller. The improvements we need to do are on the transitions between each shot I found didn’t flow well and needed to be improved on. Another thing we need to improve on is when the ‘other’ arrives for the first time transition isn’t as effective as I hoped it would be and that could be edited as soon as possible.