Good range of angles

Lots of shots

Paid attention to the distance from the character

0:59 Good framing which helps make it seem authentic



Variety of appropriate locations

Genre specific props and costume and lighting

Costume was plain and institutional line it was a mental institute. Maybe darken the hallway scene to make it seem creepy ad more thrilling



Great effect with the mirror and links well to the title.

The cuts make following the story difficult as there are no understandable transitions.



1:13 Subtle, cut the sound?

Maybe background noise when she’s looking in the mirror

1:32 music suddenly cuts

Pace picks up – builds tension

0:31 Tense music sounds like a thriller


Titles and Ident:

Creative camera works well in conjunction with this

Titles look professional

Not too clear on what the title of the film is

Titles distorted by words written on arm. Works well as the main subject is ‘psychotic’