With the opening credits we made the font scribbly, like the ones used in se7en, and it created a thriller aspect to the names, the scribbling around the words go with the writing on her arm.


We also used text to show that we can also use after effects as well. However, we made the font flicker to make it seem more thriller rather just placed there for no reason.


we placed the title of the thriller to go with the scribbling and it goes with paper in the back ground. And the slow movement of the camera makes it easy to read, also it goes with the pace of the thriller.


This is the first time that the other self is seen, this creates the thriller effect because as the audience is watching they don’t know who the person is until it is shown later.


This is the shot were the other self is shown, this is a thriller effect because it is an mind warping effect as they are two of the same person, and it is not a natural effect in real life and adds to the thriller effect.


this is the other thriller effect, the use of lighting makes shadows which makes it look like the other self is there, shadows are a good use of creating a thriller mood and adds to the thriller effect.


katy mirror

Abbie is a troubled young girl, who is suffering from a bad back ground, relating with her family. This soon causes her mental problems and that is why she was put in a mental hospital.

katy mirror 2

This is from the film black swan, this still is showing the layering/ mirror and is a good example to use and compare with. This also shows how the main character goes insane.

QUESTION 3:  IMDB Blank Template

QUESTION 4: s and s magazine

SIGHT&SOUND is a magazine aimed at adults and those who like films, has reviews of many articles of films. This could be ideal for our thriller as they can review every new film and it can advertise the thriller as well because it can get the audience to tell people about the film. It also has different   types of genre of films and it could bring in more thriller films and also can spread around as it is highly rated and high appeal to those taking a film degree and the reviews are greatly in depth and can take shear amounts of pages.

“Antipsychotic”  is a terrifying take of a young girls troubles in that of her prison of a mental hospital and how her need to escape is thwarted at every turn by her acute schizophrenia. It takes place in an average mental hospital, and just an accused innocent girl who wants to girl home, it would be simply storyline, right? Well, on her journey she is stopped by walls and herself, literally.  You feel like you’re going backwards and forward with this film, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat with this new original thriller. With unexpected twist at the very end that you’d never expect, throughout this thriller you are constantly trying to work out the twists and turns during this film.





This is the garage-band we used to make our soundtrack in our thriller, this is the first time of using this software. I found quite easy to work out how to find the music, and how to extend the length of the piece playing.  i felt confident of using this piece of software. however we had a problem we we first saved it, when we came back to it the next lesson it hadn’t saved so i had to recreate what i had made then took photos of everything so if we did lose it again I could easily remake it.

Editing 4

This the final cut software we used to edit our thriller, we have used this software plenty of times so we had no trouble with editing or learning anything new. However recently we had trouble with layering but we soon learnt how to do it and was no ready to layer the real thriller.

Editing 2

This is an example of layering.



This is the equipment we used for filming. We had used the camera and tripod plently of times in other filming we have done, the wheel chair was used for the dolly zoom as when we used the dolly we had several  problems using it so it was suggested that we use a wheel chair, after several goes we had all felt this was the better option to use.