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With the opening credits we made the font scribbly, like the ones used in se7en, and it created a thriller aspect to the names, the scribbling around the words go with the writing on her arm.


We also used text to show that we can also use after effects as well. However, we made the font flicker to make it seem more thriller rather just placed there for no reason.


we placed the title of the thriller to go with the scribbling and it goes with paper in the back ground. And the slow movement of the camera makes it easy to read, also it goes with the pace of the thriller.


This is the first time that the other self is seen, this creates the thriller effect because as the audience is watching they don’t know who the person is until it is shown later.


This is the shot were the other self is shown, this is a thriller effect because it is an mind warping effect as they are two of the same person, and it is not a natural effect in real life and adds to the thriller effect.


this is the other thriller effect, the use of lighting makes shadows which makes it look like the other self is there, shadows are a good use of creating a thriller mood and adds to the thriller effect.


katy mirror

Abbie is a troubled young girl, who is suffering from a bad back ground, relating with her family. This soon causes her mental problems and that is why she was put in a mental hospital.

katy mirror 2

This is from the film black swan, this still is showing the layering/ mirror and is a good example to use and compare with. This also shows how the main character goes insane.

QUESTION 3:  IMDB Blank Template

QUESTION 4: s and s magazine

SIGHT&SOUND is a magazine aimed at adults and those who like films, has reviews of many articles of films. This could be ideal for our thriller as they can review every new film and it can advertise the thriller as well because it can get the audience to tell people about the film. It also has different   types of genre of films and it could bring in more thriller films and also can spread around as it is highly rated and high appeal to those taking a film degree and the reviews are greatly in depth and can take shear amounts of pages.

“Antipsychotic”  is a terrifying take of a young girls troubles in that of her prison of a mental hospital and how her need to escape is thwarted at every turn by her acute schizophrenia. It takes place in an average mental hospital, and just an accused innocent girl who wants to girl home, it would be simply storyline, right? Well, on her journey she is stopped by walls and herself, literally.  You feel like you’re going backwards and forward with this film, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat with this new original thriller. With unexpected twist at the very end that you’d never expect, throughout this thriller you are constantly trying to work out the twists and turns during this film.





This is the garage-band we used to make our soundtrack in our thriller, this is the first time of using this software. I found quite easy to work out how to find the music, and how to extend the length of the piece playing.  i felt confident of using this piece of software. however we had a problem we we first saved it, when we came back to it the next lesson it hadn’t saved so i had to recreate what i had made then took photos of everything so if we did lose it again I could easily remake it.

Editing 4

This the final cut software we used to edit our thriller, we have used this software plenty of times so we had no trouble with editing or learning anything new. However recently we had trouble with layering but we soon learnt how to do it and was no ready to layer the real thriller.

Editing 2

This is an example of layering.



This is the equipment we used for filming. We had used the camera and tripod plently of times in other filming we have done, the wheel chair was used for the dolly zoom as when we used the dolly we had several  problems using it so it was suggested that we use a wheel chair, after several goes we had all felt this was the better option to use.



Anti-Psychotic Poster

This is the poster for our sequence which we took photos for before filming.  It was edited by Lizzie in Photoshop. We got the idea from the mirror in the photo.

Question 1:


Our protagonist is a female who is not a femme fatale, she isn’t being seductive to a male protagonist and she is more innocent and confused as to where she is. Typical thriller, such as film noir have a female character who is more dangerous.


The end of the thriller opening has Abbie find no solution, while normally in thrillers the problem is resolved at the end.


The setting of our thriller does not fit the typical thriller. We set ours in a facility that it unknown.


Normally a thriller is set around a crime, while ours does involve lock-picking there is no central crime and is more based around her mystery past.


Our thriller opening sequence, has paper titles instead of moving ones which is different to the norm.


The movement of the camera on the titles is different to normal movement, it is less natural to the eye to make the atmosphere strange and confusing.

Question 2:

Picture 1

This is a still of Abbie, the teenager with Schizophrenia.


This is an image of a teenager from an article about mental illness.


This is Donnie from the movie Donnie Darko, he is a teenager with apparent Schizophrenia.

We have represented the teenager with Schizophrenia as trying to escape her illness and trying to recover her sanity. We represented the other version of her as an illness that she has to fight off more literally. She seems powerless to fight it and because no one helps her and she is alone she fails against it.

Our representation is different to Donnie as he seems more mentally disturbed, they are similar in the fact that neither can relate well to others. Abbie is by herself because no one knows how to help her, she has to do it herself. The ending of Donnie Darko is similar to this as he has to save the world on his own. Our representation is similar to the article image because of body language and her general emotions. The feeling of giving up is expressed through Abbie.

Question 3:

View this document on Scribd

Question 4:


Why is it suitable?

I think this magazine would be suitable because it is a known magazine and would attract attention from its readership. There is a lot of feedback through letters, twitter and facebook which would help to spread the word about it. It appeals to our niche market of film fans and would be appropriate for advertising. On the downside it may be expensive to advertise and our film is relatively small compared to their range. If it were a full film it would be much more appropriate or a series of short films as recently these have appeared more often. They tend to do features on actors and directors a lot and analyse the scenes from different movies, they also have a section focusing on DVD releases. There are opinion columns also which could be good to be featured in. Being featured near to big movies is good for short films as it makes them more noticeable. There is a ratings system which would be good if someone picked up the magazine and was flicking through and saw that the movie had a good score they might go and see it even if they don’t buy the magazine. The magazine itself is very noticeable and I find it is easier to read than Empire magazine because of the way its set out. As they redesigned a while back it now looks more modern and could attract more readers with its new style. The reader letters tend to have responses which have a lot of pop-culture references in them showing how it can attract readers who are heavily integrated with movies and fans of cult classics. Their easy links on twitter and facebook make them easy to interact with and makes for a more interactive magazine. They also have an ipad edition which means people with higher income would be reading who could watch a lot of movies, more than the average consumer.

Review of Film:

anti-Psychotic  is a new short film by upcoming director Katy Eason about a girl called Abbie who is trapped by herself, and no that’s not a typo it actually has a small a. The film itself is good for an amateur attempt and really brings to life the idea that Abbie is trapped in her own mind. The actress who plays Abbie (also Katy Eason) is very good in her role and can clearly be seen as one to watch. The lighting in particular is reminiscent of an old film noir, though not nearly as dark, though only short it is a good start at something that isn’t quite there. While the film has a conclusion that leaves us confused we often find ourselves taking that as a sign of a good film, e.g. Donnie Darko. If you’re a fan of those kinds of movies you should probably watch this and get a clear picture of it yourself. While some of it seems to be missing something the opening credits are very interesting, something to keep note of for future releases by this creative team. It is important to note that the whole short film was made by three people and they haven’t done anything like this before but on the whole it seems to be a good start to their career. The title itself may shed some light on this story but we’re not giving too much away, at 2:15 there is not usually much to give away but we feel that the ending will have you crawling for answers. The next short film this team make would be interesting to see in a different genre though as it seems they were limited in what they could accomplish with a three-woman team. Still, on the whole nice work. Keep it up.

Question 5:

Note: If you are using Google Chrome to view this, annotations will not show up. They also will not show up on Tablets, Phones or TV devices.

Question 6:

Editing 4


Instead of using the fade out tool, we used the pen tool as it gave us more freedom with the sofware.

Editing 3

We used the crop tool for our layering effect.

Editing 2

I used cut off points we previously figured out to plan how we would do the effect; I used the crop tool to cut the shot in half.

Editing 1


We used a camera from our Media department.


We used a reflector for the lighting at the end of our shoot. The torch was also used.


We used the editing software Final Cut for editing our project.


We used garage band to add music to our project.


We used Photoshop to make our company logos.

Question 7:

Thursday: Fix transitions and sound, fix any lighting (titles)

Friday: Finish sound and Ident

Tuesday: Last Tweaks

Thursday: Finalise and upload


Good range of angles

Lots of shots

Paid attention to the distance from the character

0:59 Good framing which helps make it seem authentic



Variety of appropriate locations

Genre specific props and costume and lighting

Costume was plain and institutional line it was a mental institute. Maybe darken the hallway scene to make it seem creepy ad more thrilling



Great effect with the mirror and links well to the title.

The cuts make following the story difficult as there are no understandable transitions.



1:13 Subtle, cut the sound?

Maybe background noise when she’s looking in the mirror

1:32 music suddenly cuts

Pace picks up – builds tension

0:31 Tense music sounds like a thriller


Titles and Ident:

Creative camera works well in conjunction with this

Titles look professional

Not too clear on what the title of the film is

Titles distorted by words written on arm. Works well as the main subject is ‘psychotic’

Over the next few lessons I would like to fix transitions and edit sound. We also need to finish music as we are missing it from some key scenes. The other music we have has been edited effectively but may need tweaking. We have to add some fade outs for the music and the transitions need to be more fluid. We have already layered the shots well and the use of black and white has helped to cover the lines where the crop has been done.