When we first uploaded all our footage we knew there was a problem due to a scene which involved layering. As soon as we noticed the problem we went out and filmed again. When we were all satisfied with the footage we all went to do the sound, editing and the editing of the footage. However there was a problem with the sound. I had created the sound on garage band and saved it but when I returned to place it onto Final Cut the sound was not there so I had to recreate the sound but this did help us out a little bit as I had managed to improve it and get more sound done. There was a problem with the jobs we did as a group as one person edited sound and one person edited the footage we had the last person in the group move around and gave input to the process which didn’t seem a problem but it meant they didn’t seem to be doing much. However they did input with photography by editing the poster for our thriller. The improvements we need to do are on the transitions between each shot I found didn’t flow well and needed to be improved on. Another thing we need to improve on is when the ‘other’ arrives for the first time transition isn’t as effective as I hoped it would be and that could be edited as soon as possible.



The crop tool was used for layering the shots and creating an effect of two of the same person being in the room at once. We used the crop tool to achieve this effect.

Picture 2

The pen tool was used to fade in and out as we had more control over it than the transition fade in/out. we also used it to fade in/out sound.

Picture 1

On the timeline we cut and edit clips together to achieve the sequence.

My role of the shoot was actor and director. When filming I made sure the camera didn’t move whilst shooting a scene which involved us to use layering. When looking over the footage and there wasn’t something right or something was caught on camera we didn’t want in the shot we went back and re-shot. what went well for us is that we tried the dolly zoom which we all knew how to do, as we had practised it several times. What didn’t work was when we filmed the layering part, and using a mirror, as I was talking I used my arms and they went out of shot and then a hand appeared from another shot, so we had to go back and shoot a reaction shot and place it in-between to make it look better.

On the day of filming we filmed in the drama block, I was there to oversee the filming and make sure everything worked together when on camera. Most of our filming happened outside the space but some of it was inside where the mirror was available to use. One of our shots in particular was to be used for layering but because our actresses hand went over the line it appeared as though it vanished so we had to re-shoot it to look different as the space was unavailable. The vertigo shot went well as we had practised with a wheelchair.

We ended up differentiating a lot from our shot list because we found that our ideas didn’t match up with the location well enough. We worked with our ideas more and found extra ideas we could add in.


This company logo was created in Photoshop. We used effect to make it interesting and kept the colours black and white to look like a Thriller.


Using Photoshop we created a company log0 for out Thriller.

howling moon studios